Polar Sanctum


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As you approach the polar regions of the world, you expect to be embraced by ice. The cold winter air invites you as you enter the great blue halls. Exploring the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska brought me to this amazing ice cave entrance. It was almost like the glacier was inviting me into it’s hidden sanctum.

Looking at glacier ice is almost like looking at clouds. I’ve been amazed at the sheer number of things people see when looking at this image. I personally see a penguin hovering over the entrance. The eyes and imagination are a strong partnership. The other amazing part is the way glacial ice captures the light. The different hues of blue are hard to believe exist in nature. I’ve always called glacier blue the most unnatural, natural color in the world.

I captured this image while waiting for a 2.5 hour picture – Icy Cosmos. Having 2 camera bodies is a great option when taking long exposure images. I originally decided on a second body due to my camera getting hit by a wave in Hawaii. The picture I got was great, but I was out of luck the rest of that trip. It now allows me to wander around exploring different compositions while waiting. In this case, waiting in a polar sanctum.