First Light




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When the first light kisses the mountain peaks, the world begins it’s slow rise from slumber. I spent a couple hours standing in waist deep snow in the Italian Dolomites waiting for that moment. Every part of my body was screaming with cold, but there are certain moments worth the pain. As the pink hues began their slow creep down the peak I marveled at the beauty…then proceeded to rush back to my car to warm up.

*The ultimate museum quality fine art pieces that I offer are acrylic prints with handmade ROMA Tabbachino Dark Ash Italian wood frames and linen liner. This framing option adds an incredible luxurious look and feel to your fine art piece. The finished piece has a 3″ linen liner and a 4″ beveled frame. This adds a total of 14″ vertically and horizontally to the finished print. I.E. a 24×36 print would be 38×50 with the frame.