Having back surgery is an expensive operation (possibly ending up as a robot…priceless). I’ll be honest, I really hate asking for money. We’ve been very blessed to run a successful jump rope performance business for years. However, since I injured my back we had to lower the number of shows I could perform. This has put a dent in our income and savings. The cost of this back surgery is steep as well as the lack of income due to a 13 week rest period following. We thought about just asking for financial support, but I believe now is a perfect time to promote a different business I’ve been doing for years. Photography.

With all of the travel I have done with my jump rope career, I’ve been able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been capturing these locations for years and am now making some of my best images available as fine art photographic prints. If you, or someone you know, is interested in an image for their house or office, these large prints will help cover the cost of my back surgery. I’ve also come up with a couple other options if you are in a position to help me out with just a few dollars. Any support would be greatly appreciated and I hope that you can enjoy one of the following options.

Helping with the Cost of Surgery

  • Pray

    I believe prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do.

  • Jump Rope Secrets

    Signing up for a membership at Jump Rope Secrets would be a huge help to me financially. The best part: you will learn all sorts of awesome jump rope moves! We cover everything from Single Rope, Double Dutch, Chinese Wheel and more. Every jump rope video I’ve ever produced and filmed is available on the site for an annual membership.

  • Downloadable Background Images

    I’ve put together a couple packs of HD pictures you can download to use as screen savers/backgrounds for your computer or phone. I’ve set these up so you can choose your own price. If you have $5 to support the surgery, that’s an option. If you have a little more, that’s boss! We really do appreciate any amount you can help us with.

  • Fine Art Prints

    If you’re in need of a high quality print for your home or office, these are some of the best images I’ve taken as I’ve traveled the world. I am adding new images frequently that will cover the diversity of places I’ve traveled to (6 out of 7 continents). The Lumachrome prints are the highest quality images you can ask for and will be true works of art wherever you decide to display them. All of our print images are limited edition and once they sell out, we will no longer make them available to anyone. If you’re in need of a unique image, your support will help us tremendously and you’ll get an awesome picture to remember. I’m a perfectionist in everything I do, these images are not designed as pity buys, you will truly be impressed by the clarity and sharpness.

So those are the options I’ve come up with. I look forward to getting back on my feet soon. Thanks for the help!

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