After Wedding Photos at Gilcrease Museum

What do you do if you have a wedding and didn’t quite get all the photos you want? Have an after wedding photos shoot!

A couple days ago I headed out to fill in the gaps on some photos that weren’t done at a wedding. Mainly due to the crazy schedule of their wedding, they somehow didn’t end up with a single wedding photo of just the two of them. Thankfully they could still fit in the clothes from the wedding!

Wedding Photos Leaning on a benchI have to admit that I really don’t do many wedding photos. I prefer to plan out pictures and make them really stand out and be sharp. Doing an after wedding photos shoot allowed me to work at my pace instead of frantically running around trying to get every shot before it disappears (one reason I prefer to not do weddings). We headed over to the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK. They have a beautiful garden outside that works perfectly for getting some awesome looking wedding photos. Normally it’s quite busy with people taking pictures, but we happened to get there at the perfect time since we had the place to ourselves for 1.5 hours. We started by shooting some couples photos in front of the fountain. Since I do a lot of landscape photography I love shooting what I call “clean plates” where no one is in the shot and I can get all the highlights and shadows to make the pictures look just right in post. This also allows my wife (and assistant for the day) to be in frame with the reflector and I can easily paint her out.

Bride with the ShoesAfter a few different shots around the fountain and a solo picture with the bride, we headed over to a bench that was under some tree cover. Gilcrease Museum has some awesome locations to work with inside the garden area so you’re not stuck with the same look everywhere you go. We finished the photo shoot by driving down to Centennial Park near downtown Tulsa. I love the fountains and small waterfall they have there and it made for a great finish to some beautiful wedding photos! Most people would prefer to get everything done on the wedding day, but if you don’t have any stand out photos from your wedding, there’s nothing wrong with taking a half-day with a photographer to get what you want. Just make sure to take the after wedding photos while you can still fit in your dress!
Wedding Photos Centennial Park Waterfall

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